Imaging Core

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Guidelines for HGI Imaging Core usage

  1. P.I. must contact Facility managers, Jessica Shivas ( or Karen Schindler ( for a consultation/appointment.
  2. P.I. and users must fill out User Qualification Form and send it to Office (
  3. P.I. must provide an account number at the time of initial usage.
  4. Users must sign in/out in the Logbook to record their usage and fluorescence illumination source hours.
  5. Users must immediately report to the manager any irregularity in the use or function of the microscopes and the related instruments.
  6. When the facility instrument is used to generate data for a presentation, a publication or a poster, the HGI Imaging Core Facility must be informed and properly acknowledged.
  7. Sign up recommendations for Confocal Use:
    • During business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm): Three hour block, 4 blocks per week, a maximum of 12 hours per lab unless special arrangements are made with the Imaging Core Facility.
    • Off business hours (Mon-Fri 5pm-9am and weekends): Continue with the 3 hour block rule to allow people to sign-up for off-peak hours, but no limit to total hours per lab per week.
  8. Users can sign up to four weeks in advance via the HGINJ Online Booking Calendar:
    • If canceling your reservation, you must delete your entry in the Calendar prior to your reserved time. Be courteous to other users and let them know the instrument becomes available. You must contact the previous user/manager in case of a last minute cancellation.



(Effective January 1, 2019)



Rutgers/Academia Pricing

Zeiss LSM510 META (Inverted) ** LSB137

$1,500/year (≤100 hours)***
$4,000/year (≤500 hours)***

Zeiss Observer Z1 LSB137


Zeiss Axiovert 200M LSB240


Nikon Eclipse E800 LSB132


Zeiss LSM880 with Airyscan FAST Inverted** LSB335


Leica Confocal TCS SP8 with Lightning** LSB240

$3,000/year (≤100 hours)

Leica SP8 STED 3X**  


Bitplane Imaris Software* LSB129

$250/month*** (pilot project, please inquire)


* See Imaris Usage Guidelines for more details.
** Assisted usage/training will be charged at $100/h, Leica SP8 STED is $120/h.  A qualified unassisted use requires minimum of two training sessions and the approval of facility manager/PI.
*** Must be paid upfront