Imaging Core

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Guidelines for HGI Imaging Core usage

  1. P.I. must contact Facility managers (Noriko Kane-Goldsmith, Lourdes Serrano) via e-mail ( for a consultation/appointment. 
  2. P.I. must provide an account number at the time of initial usage.
  3. P.I. and Users must fill out User Qualification Form.
  4. Users must sign in and off the User Logbook to record their usage.
  5. Users must immediately report to the managers (5-1027 ext. 40032) for any irregularity in the use or function of the microscopes and related instruments.
  6. For LSM510META, lasers will be turned on and off by the designated staff users and Facility mangers only.




HGI members



 Zeiss LSM510 META 
Assisted/Training Unassisted*
 $ 50/h   $100/h   $150/h
 Zeiss P.A.L.M., the Microbeam  $ 30/h   $ 60/h   $120/h
 Zeiss Observer Z1  $ 20/h  $ 35/h  --
 Zeiss Axiovert 200M  $500/yr   $1,000/yr  --
 Nikon Eclipse E800  $500/yr  $1,000/yr  --

* Unassisted use requires certification from facility administrator