Imaging Core

About the Imaging Core

Welcome to the HGINJ Imaging Facility at the Rutgers State University of New Jersey! We are located at the Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey in the Life Science Building on Busch Campus. The Imaging Core was established in early 2007 and has been providing members of the institute and the DLS community with a wide range of optical microscopy equipment. We also provide consultation on which equipment is suitable for their imaging needs as well as training in its use. Recently, individual HGINJ laboratories obtained state-of-the-art confocal systems: a Zeiss LSM880 Airyscan Fast confocal system (Maureen Barr’s lab), a Leica TCS SP8 tauSTED 3X (Karen Schindler’s lab) and Leica TCS SP8 Lightning confocal microscope (Karen Schindler’s/Kim McKim’s labs). Please check our Instruments for the details and contact Jessica Shivas ( and Karen Schindler (

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