Imaging Core

About the Imaging Core

The imaging core facility for the Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey consist of six instruments for use by institute members and the greater surrounding community. The primary instruments include upright and inverted Zeiss LSM510 Laser Scanning confocal microscope systems with 3-Dimensional image reconstruction software, multispectral fluorescence deconvolution and FRAP capabilities. Also included are a Zeiss/P.A.L.M. Laser Dissecting Microscope, two Zeiss epifluorescence microscope systems equipped with high-sensitivity CCD camera for long-term live cell imaging and a true-color bright-field/ epifluorescence Nikon microscope system for histology. Management and oversight of the Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey Imaging Facility is performed by Dr. Serrano  with technical support from Dr. Kane-Goldsmith .

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