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Full Academic members have an independent program with direct or indirect relevance to human genetics, human/medical genetics education or clinical practice. Members who do research are the PI or co-PI on at least one funded grant (currently or within the past year) and have recent publications. Members providing clinical service or education have current responsibilities in these areas and authorship on peer-reviewed publications.

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Full Academic Member
Nelson A312
604 Allison Road
(732) 235-5333
Full Academic Member
Assoc Professor Acd Yr
Biomedical Engineering Bu
599 Taylor Road
(848) 445-6559
Full Academic Member
LSB 227
145 Bevier Road
(732) 445-1027 x 40055
Full Academic Member
Associate Professor
Nelson B323
604 Allison Road
(848) 445-2839
Full Academic Member
Asst Prof-Tt
120 Albany Street Plaza
120 Albany Street
(732) 235-8558
Full Academic Member
Assistant Professor
United States
Lewis Thomas Laboratory, Washington Road
(258) 609-7524
Full Academic Member
Prof Basic Science
Prof Pediatrics/Child Neurology
Research Building Room 362
675 Hoes Lane West
(732) 235-5381
Full Academic Member
185 South Orange Avenue
MSB C636
(973) 972-4253
Full Academic Member
Professor and Chair
683 Hoes Lane
(732) 235-5382
Full Academic Member
Asst Prof-Tt
The Child Health Institute of New Jersey
89 French Street - Office # 3270
(732) 235-8460