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Prof Pranela Rameshwar


Research Interests

I am interested in transcriptional regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation in intestinal epithelium. The absorptive and secretory cells within intestinal epithelium arise from a small subset of cycling cells called stem cells. Proliferation of stem cells is a tightly regulated process, and is controlled by signaling that regulate transcription. Depletion of stem cells result in loss of intestinal epithelium, while, abnormal proliferation of the stem cells lead to adenoma.My research focuses on the effect of deregulated Wnt signaling in stem cells. Wnt signaling is a key player in transcriptional regulation of genes involved in proliferation. Hyper activation of Wnt signaling in stem cells, but not other intestinal epithelial cells result in adenoma. By employing mouse models, I aim to identify transcriptional targets of deregulated Wnt activity in intestinal stem cells.The applicant teaches four graduate courses in stem cells: – Stem cell biology and application to molecular medicine – Advance stem cell

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📞  (973) 972-0625

📍  Medical Science Building (MSB) Room E-585
185 South Orange Avenue
Newark, NJ
07103, 07103

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