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A point-scanning confocal imaging system, built on an inverted DMi8 microscope which is equipped with an XYZ motorized stage enabling easy sample navigation, multiposition imaging and tiling. The system is equipped with four diode lasers (405, 488, 561 and 638 nm) and 4 channel detection, including 2 standard PMT and 2 hybrid detectors (HyDs) with enhanced sensitivity and excellent signal-to-noise ratio.  There is also a transmitted light detector, allowing combined brightfield and fluorescence confocal imaging. Finally, the system is equipped with Lightning, Leica’s GPU-enabled, adaptive deconvolution strategy to extract additional from image data. Images acquired in Lightning mode can achieve resolutions of ~120 nm in XY and ~300 nm in Z resolution. Results are obtained in near real-time due to the GPU-enabled processing. A high performance workstation runs on Windows 10 and LAS X (Leica Application Suite).

This system is also accessorized with a Tokai Hit stagetop environmental chamber, enabling imaging of live specimen with proper temperature and CO2 conditions.


  • HC PL APO CS2 10x/0.4 NA Dry
  • HC PL APO CS2 20x/0.75 NA Dry
  • HC PL APO CS2 20x/0.75 NA IMM
  • HC PL APO CS2 40x/1.3 NA Oil
  • HC PL APO CS2 63x/1.4 NA Oil

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